Rick Perry, A Moderate's Conservative

If you liked George Bush, you will love Rick Perry.   Every day we in Texas hear disbelieving conservative citizens on local talk radio asking "...is the national media serious about Rick Perry as a conservative president?"  Because here in Texas, we know Rick Perry is anything but a conservative.  As the moderates realize the country wants a conservative president, they want to find us one.  Romney was fine until ObamaCare was modeled on his RomneyCare.  Kind of looks fatal to the moderates.  So, who's next? How about Perry?  Hey, he is a conservative -- the moderate's kind of conservative.  Does that Bible thing, talks secession.  Let's go!  Perry, as was Bush before him and Romney is today, is a slick, chameleon politician who changes his colors for the times.  Rick Perry is a former Democrat, Al Gore's state chairman in 1988, a big government type who used an executive order to try to force Texas children entering 6th...(Read Full Article)