Restore the RTC

It's an axiom constantly repeated by politicians, the Federal Reserve, and the media: economic recovery hinges on job creation.  Yet no one has come forward with a specific plan, so we are left with an official unemployment rate hovering at nine percent or higher.  (Keep in mind that this already unacceptable figure further fails to account for the underemployed and those who are no longer looking for work, making it too low in all likelihood.) While no one disputes the urgency of deficit and debt reduction, sustainable job creation is every bit as important if we are serious about achieving a return-to-growth economy.  Without job growth, we cannot conquer the debt super-cycle plaguing all Americans.  Yet we remain stuck in neutral with dire projections of no increase in the employment rate for several years despite massive federal stimulus efforts and Federal Reserve policies supposedly designed to help us out of our jobless misery.  True, the United States...(Read Full Article)