Putin's Russia And Obama's America

The more Vladimir Putin's policies come a cropper in Russia, the harder he cracks down on opposition political forces.  It's not surprising given that Putin is a proud KGB spy; he's just doing what he learned to do in Soviet times. What's surprising is that the President of the United States is helping him get away with it, and even worse is the failure of the Republicans to call him on it.  With the coming confirmation hearings for a new ambassador to Russia, the GOP has its last best chance for action. On Sunday, June 26, 2011, RIA Novosti, the Russian Kremlin's state-owned answer to Reuters, reported that a gas tank for an apartment building in Vladikavkaz had exploded, right in the midst of a wedding ceremony.  Fifty-five people were injured.  But that wasn't the worst part of the tragedy.  Two other items in the story told the real tale of life in Vladimir Putin's Russia, where fires and explosions are commonplace (Russia's rate of death by fire is ten...(Read Full Article)