Publicly Funded Leftism on Community Television

The last time I watched my local Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), sometime during the Clinton Administration, the bulk of the programming seemed to consist of a couple of geeks fooling around with a Betacam and a live camera feed on the corner of Prospect Street and Mass Ave, which in the days before webcams passed for cutting-edge technology. I was therefore surprised by the recent announcement that CCTV plans to build a $2.4 million 8,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art television studio. Community television began, like many bad ideas, in the 1960s, when self-styled "media activist" George Stoney and others began lobbying the FCC to mandate "public access" broadcasting. Stoney is described as "an early advocate of video as a tool for social change," who makes films "focusing on issues of social justice." In short, he's a leftist. Stoney argued that since private companies were profiting from a "public right of way" -- the bandwidth and telephone poles that allowed them to...(Read Full Article)