Politician, Heal Thyself

President Obama recently visited Joplin, Missouri to offer what the media described as healing for the community suffering from the aftermath of a catastrophic tornado. The president appeared before the battered crowd and did what politicians are best at doing: he gave a speech.  He offered soaring rhetoric and rousing platitudes meant to comfort, inspire, and uplift, but he was unable to provide any healing to those who have lost homes, businesses, and loved ones.  At best, he provided a brief distraction from the rescue and cleanup efforts preceding the slow rebuilding necessary to restore the city to some semblance of normalcy. Healing is a term that has been co-opted from the emotive, liberal, psychobabble crowd and misapplied by politicians to serious situations so often that it has lost any semblance of meaning.  Physical healing occurs in the body and psychological healing occurs in the mind.  The physician does not heal the patient; he creates the...(Read Full Article)