OK - Just What Is the Ryan Medicare Plan?

Much chatter today centers on the Ryan Medicare Plan, a proposal to reform Medicare first proposed by Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as part of "A Roadmap for America's Future" to guide the House Budget Committee under Republican Party control.  Though hype and rhetoric surround the subject, little real understanding has seeped down into the public at large.  Let's try to sort it out.  To understand where Ryan is heading, one must first understand the basics of Medicare.  The current Medicare program provides single-payer medical care insurance for people 65 and over as well as people under 65 with certain disabilities or special medical conditions.  It is composed of four parts: Hospital Insurance (Part A) covering inpatient hospital and specified skilled care; Medical Insurance (Part B) covering doctor services, outpatient care, and certain preventive services reimbursed at Medicare-approved amounts; Advantage Plans (Part C) providing Medicare Part A and B...(Read Full Article)