Obama Wants Engineering Students and 'Diversity'

President Obama wants America's universities to graduate 10,000 more engineers annually than they're now turning out.  He wants more college students to major in math and science.  But as universities embrace affirmative action and "diversity" programs supported by Obama and liberals, problems arise.  These programs at bottom are aimed at creating a liberal vision of "social justice" -- yet they ultimately dumb down education as merit and excellence are sacrificed for liberal social engineering.  In the end, they undermine the very "competitive edge" that Obama says America must maintain. Consider what's happened at the top-ranked University of Texas, Austin, under an ad hoc affirmative action program called the "top 10 percent rule."  It was adopted in 1997 by the state legislature after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the state's affirmative action policy at state universities.  Yet the rule has dumbed down higher education in Texas,...(Read Full Article)