Obama's Poll Wasteland

Bear witness to a listless and ineffective leader who is beatable.  Carter Redux. Americans have grown weary of the flailing Obama economy.  So potent is the public's displeasure, the President's support is fast eroding.  Most notably, among key constituencies he will need for 2012.  With the polling sugar high of Bin Laden's death all but gone, and perpetually poor economic data to boot, even an unnamed Republican opponent defeats the President in two of three surveys released this month.      For a GOP field that is routinely derided as weak and unexciting -- a leftist narrative -- these polls, if anything, remind us that Americans are looking for a competent alterative, and that the race will be competitive.  A Republican candidate who offers a fiscally sound, pro-growth, jobs-centric agenda will provide a sharp contrast to this White House.  With a clear articulation of substantive ideas, Conservatives should press their case. The...(Read Full Article)