Obama's Grand Illusion

The public's lasting, indeed rising, hostility to ObamaCare has come as a surprise to the President and his fellow travelers in Congress, but then omniscience has never been their strong suit.  In 1959, Charles Lindblom, then an associate professor of economics at Yale, penned a highly influential article entitled "The Science of Muddling Through."  There he analyzed the workings of modern democracies and offered a compelling explanation for why incremental policy change is a prerequisite to effective policy change, and why radical policy change founded on abstract theories untethered to a real-world understanding of how people behave, and what motivates them, will ultimately fail.  Lindblom argued that modern democracies are viable because such changes are informed by experience, trial and error, and the input of affected interest groups.  Mandate and fiat used as tools to force people to alter their behavior inevitably fail because when a major policy shift...(Read Full Article)