NOAA Fisheries Science: A Guess, a Coin-Flip, and a Kick in the Teeth

Protecting our national fish stocks from ruin by overfishing is a national imperative that requires both good management and solid science.  NOAA, the agency responsible for managing our fisheries, is incapable of even adequate management, as shown by a recent independent review by Preston Pate. At a 4/13/11 Senate subcommittee hearing (video from minute 98), Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire challenged NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco: "NOAA has been relying on ... incomplete and sometimes non-existent [fisheries] data."  Dr. Lubchenco responded with the expected evasion and the familiar patronizing talking point about "best available science information that we have." Dr. Lubchenco, what if your best available science is not very good?  What if, in fact, it is flawed?  This is not a rhetorical question, as there is evidence that the vaunted NOAA fisheries science is indeed unsound. Every year, by law, NOAA puts out a fisheries report to the Congress. ...(Read Full Article)