No Recovery

Recently, we have been hearing talk about the economy, how it is improving.  I wish that were the case.  For the sake of friends and family who are struggling right now, I wish this were reflective of reality.  But the facts say otherwise; there is no real strengthening of the economy.  The legacy media, the politicians, they are lying to everyone, and that includes you. Let's look at a few guideposts we can use to gauge the direction and speed at which things are going. GDP The data are not strong and worse yet, there is evidence that any growth is slowing.  In other words, if there is a recovery, it is anemic and the improvement is decelerating.  Q1 2011 was an anemic 1.8% growth and that does not take into account any distortions created by the government.  If one looks at a continuously compounded rate of change, the real story comes through.  See attached Excel file, graphs and links below as well.  Bottom line: a case could be...(Read Full Article)