NATO's Libyan Misadventure is No Joke

Anyone old enough remembers the 60s sitcoms Gomer Pyle -USMC, F Troop, and McHale's Navy.  A review of DVDs of those fine, funny shows of yore should be high on anyone's list who's been following NATO's misadventure in Libya.  Incoming Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta may want to take a look-see.  After watching a few episodes of each show, you'd swear Gomer Pyle is leading McHale's zanies and F Troop fumblers across Libya's desert sands in side-slapping futility -- all set to laugh track guffaws. Okay, NATO doesn't have boots on the ground in Libya, so Gomer and his goofs aren't zigzagging across North Africa.  NATO, you see, can't make up its collective mind to put boots on the ground.  NATO can't make up its collective mind to dispatch Muammar Gaddafi, either.  One day the irascible Muammar is on NATO's hit list, the next day he's off -- sort of.  It's all high, humorous, and deadly incompetence, this game of whack-a-dictator that NATO is...(Read Full Article)