Michele Bachmann, the GOP, and the Race Conversation

Recently, while speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Michele Bachmann fervently argued that President Obama has failed the African-American community and the Hispanic community. Bachmann went further to affirm that, in the event of her election as president of the United States, her goal would be to create jobs in these heavily affected minority communities -- and create jobs for Americans as a whole. While these were merely passing remarks made during her speech, she created seismic waves due to the fact that she deviated from the traditional pusillanimous GOP approach to minority communities by daringly intermingling race with her public policy arguments.  As was noted by liberal Salon, Michele Bachmann is the only GOP candidate to have mentioned the 16.2% black unemployment thus far. One would think that such an obvious policy weakness of Obama's would be something all serious GOP candidates would be hammering at with unyielding ferocity....(Read Full Article)