Joel Greenberg, the Washington Post's Palestinian Propagandist

In its June 4 edition, the Washington Post carries a lengthy article by Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg about Palestinian plans for another round of border demonstrations against Israel ("Palestinians plan news marches on border -- Israel boosts security as activists organize protests on many fronts," page A6). The problem with Greenberg's piece is that it reads more like a Palestinian publicity release than a straightforward news account.  Palestinians are hailed as heroic, non-violent protesters, while Israel is depicted in dark, hawkish hues.  For example, Greenberg labels Palestinian demonstrations on Israel's borders as "unarmed protests," paying scant attention to rock-throwing barrages hurled at Israeli security forces. Taking a potshot at Israel's army, he writes that 14 people "were killed and scores were wounded May 15 when Israeli troops opened fire on marchers" as they surged across the border into the Golan Heights.  The suggestion is that...(Read Full Article)