J Street's Boston Gambit

J Street, the Soros-funded front lobbying group that describes itself as "pro-peace" and "pro-Israel,'' is desperately seeking legitimacy by wangling its way into local Jewish Community Relations Councils, made up of grassroots groups. Unlike typical JCRC members,  J Street comes to American communities already packaged with a board, a statement of purpose, and funding. In April, American Thinker ran the Indianapolis JCRC story: A group of Indianapolis Jews concerned for the security of Israel and world Jewry defected from their local Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), charging it with being "increasingly under the ideological sway of the  New Jewish Agenda," with its left-leaning "universalist world view." These renegades then proceeded to form a new counter-group focusing on the survival of Israel and of traditional Jewish values. They are apparently demanding some of that "social justice" for Jews themselves. Now there are similar rumbles in Boston, suggesting...(Read Full Article)