It Is Easier To Vote Than to Get Hired Without a Proper I.D.

A national retail chain treats eligibility to work more seriously than the Federal Government treats eligibility to vote The other day at work, I happened to be in the Personnel Office while a candidate was being interviewed for a cashier's position. The candidate -- let's call him John -- had rather impressive credentials and interviewed well with two managers separately.  When John was out of earshot, I overheard the two managers discussing what a wonderful candidate John was, and how John had the potential to be promoted to customer service manager quickly.  He was so good, in fact, that they offered him the job on the spot. The two managers then left the Personnel Office and let a Personnel staff member -- whom we'll call Jill -- handle the paperwork for hiring. The first thing Jill asked John for was for his I.D.  John produced an expired driver's license, and obviously knowing that that was not going to be good enough, John preemptively offered his Social Security...(Read Full Article)