Is Another Shoe Yet to Drop in Opinion-gate?

As you've probably read or heard, President  Barack Obama just got caught opinion-shopping for a government lawyer who would sign off on letting him keep America's military involvement in the NATO war in Libya going forward without having to get Congressional authorization.   Tsk-tsk. Is this just a lawyers' lash-up -- the proverbial tempest in a teapot, yet another "inside-the Beltway scandal" -- or should Americans actually care about this?  Another politician being two-faced?  Give me a break. In fact, the issue is an important one, one which involves the lives of thousands of American sailors and Marines who are, literally, within shooting distance of the danger zone. Opinion-gate consists of  the President's rejection of legal opinions from the United States Department of Justice and the Department of Defense which said Mr. Obama couldn't do what he wanted, in favor of one from the legal counsel of the State Department which said he could. ...(Read Full Article)