In Defense of Romney, the Alleged Flip-Flopper

Mitt Romney's greatest liability is said to be the role he played in enacting a health care mandate in Massachusetts.  His plan is said by various analysts to have benefited the state greatly, and conversely, that it has made sick people travel to New Hampshire in order to receive adequate treatment.  Whatever the merits of his plan in Massachusetts, Romney has made it abundantly clear that he does not favor a universal health care plan at the federal level; therefore, his health care legislation in Massachusetts is irrelevant. Shakespeare said the past is prologue, and under other circumstances that would be true.  We would look at politicians' past decisions and expect them to make similar decisions in the future.  But in this case, it is inconceivable that Romney would become president and then do an about-face by becoming a vehement defender of "ObamaCare" (or its official name, which has a vastly more positive connotation, "The Affordable Health Care Act")....(Read Full Article)