I Miss Trump, But I Don't Want Him Back

When confronted with snide female interviewers who regarded him with thinly veiled hostility, Donald Trump simply uttered, "Excuse Me," and they were chastised like schoolchildren.  Other Republican politicians just did not know this was an option.  Along with his bold assertiveness, Trump proved himself to be a first-class rabble-rouser, electrifying audiences across the country.  Mr. Trump was not just about showmanship, though.  Behind his eccentric hairstyle, behind the ridiculous reality show, was a man with some fascinating ideas.  While his platforms did not necessarily conform to the conservative orthodoxy, they appealed to a wide swath of the Republican base.  In sum, Trump posited himself as the antithesis to Obama, and the scourge of political correctness. It's interesting to reflect on how angry Trump made people.  When he questioned how Obama got into Harvard, the left cried racism.  Trump was in fact implicitly broaching the...(Read Full Article)