Giving the Good Game of Golf a Bad Name

One the funniest lampoons of overzealous anti-communism was an old SCTV skit of an American father demanding his son get a job because the communists would overrun America on account of his son's lazy fecklessness.  Obama's golfing habit made me remember that skit. One of this nation's most notable presidential golfers was President Eisenhower.  And who could blame Ike for putting around?  Ike had masterfully led the liberation of a conquered Europe, ended the Korean War by threatening to bomb China, and presided over a booming postwar economy.  If any President deserved a few rounds of golf, it was Ike.  Even as communist moles in government were unearthed and Soviet spies were being rounded up, Ike's serene strolls around the links must have been a comforting and reassuring distraction to a war weary nation. LBJ liked to live in his golf shoes as well it seems.  The historic hardwood floors of the White House were said to have been pitted and punctured...(Read Full Article)