Clown Bandits and Dictators

A full-time mother/part-time clown in Pennsylvania admitted she glued on a "red nose and a rainbow wig," entered a bank in Easton, threatened that she had a bomb, and managed to make off with $7,000. The woman, who should be called the Bozo Bandit, apologized and used the excuse that a kidnapper abducted her children and made her dress up like a circus entertainer before committing the crime.   Full of remorse, the woman pleaded guilty to felony robbery.  Her defense attorney emphasized that at the time of the heist his client was simply "concerned for the safety of her two children," a tale of woe that should garner some sympathy from the judge when Clownie is sentenced later this year. The moral of the story: People who steal generally wear a disguise and usually have an excuse when robbing one group, which they always claim is to benefit another.  Coincidentally, right around the time Clownie appeared in court to explain the circumstances behind threatening to...(Read Full Article)