China's Counterfeit Economy: The Hidden Global Threat

In a desolate, seemingly post-apocalyptic landscape, a Chinese peasant climbs over a rain-soaked mountain of electronic garbage.  He is joined by hundreds of other peasants, scavenging through endless acres of discarded computers, junked telephones, and millions of scrapped consumer electronic devices.  The peasant searches for any electronic components that look undamaged.  Sifting through this vast graveyard of imported American e-waste, he stuffs printed circuit boards into a sack.  Communist China has graciously accepted our technological trash, made too expensive to dispose of in the US due to the onerous regulations imposed by the EPA (Economic Prevention Agency). The peasant sits in a dusty clearing and starts a small fire.  He holds a circuit board over the flame until the solder starts to melt.  Quickly rapping the board against a rock, he watches as the precious harvest of integrated circuit (IC) components fall to the ground. ...(Read Full Article)