Anthony Weiner: The Tweet Smell of Success

We have seen Anthony Weiner before. Is it among the faces in the long line of disgraced, discarded political figures that have preceded him?  In Wilbur Mills or Wayne Hays or Bob Livingston?  In Larry Craig or Mark Foley? No, not really. Is it in the faces of those lucky enough to have survived such imbroglios: in that of Bill Clinton or Barney Frank?  In Garry Studds or David Vitter? No, not there, either. Is Rep. Weiner the incarnation of the great Budd Schulberg's fictional Sammy Glick, the grasping hustler in What Makes Sammy Run?, a character on the surface so successful, but in reality so lonely and insecure that he consorts with a prostitute shortly after his engagement. Close -- but, again, not quite. No, where we have actually visited Mr. Weiner previously is in another tale of the show business hustler (remember the axiom: "Politics is show business for unattractive people") -- in Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odets' savage portrait of Broadway press agent Sidney...(Read Full Article)