Alice Walker Is Sailing in the Wrong Direction

Sometime within the next week or so the second, incredibly inaptly named "Freedom Flotilla" will set sail for Hamas-controlled Gaza in an attempt to break an Israel Naval quarantine whose purpose today is solely to prevent advanced weaponry from being smuggled in to known terrorists who proudly proclaim their intent to murder innocent children in the name of so-called "resistance." One of the those ships will be The Audacity of Hope, and sailing on that ship will be a truly wonderful American writer, Ms. Alice Walker.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for Ms. Walker, whose book The Color Purple is a major piece of contemporary American literature, for which she has been justly honored.  But to paraphrase what Elie Weisel said to Ronald Reagan, when the latter chose to visit a cemetery in which SS and Nazi Officers were buried, Ms. Walker, your place is not there. I feel a good deal of kinship with Ms. Walker.  She is sixty-seven.  On my next...(Read Full Article)