A Nation of Government Dependents

Most of us are in some way dependent upon the central government.  It's only ignorance of our dependency that permits many to deny it. American government, at least as older citizens know it, is nearly extinct.  Politicians are killing it by encouraging governmental profligacy and dysfunction at the federal and state levels and in many local jurisdictions as well.  But they are doing so with a complicit citizenry. It took several generations, but, in order to win and hold office, America's political class has encouraged unrealistic expectations among citizens by promising more than government can consistently and sustainably deliver. Americans are witnessing the failure of progressive governance in the United States.  Many Americans have already been victimized.  Unless America changes course quickly we will all be victims. We are living in an era when unsustainable entitlements are considered mandatory expenditures, and annual "discretionary" government...(Read Full Article)