A Good Man, Slighted: Christopher Hitchens deserved a knighthood this year. He didn't get it.

"I couldn't find your name on the Queen's Birthday Honors List," I tootled a college friend of mine last night. "What could they be thinking back there?" My  professor friend (B.A. Georgetown '74; M.A. Yale '75; Ph.D. Cambridge '84) didn't answer. No surprise there. Bill's a fine scholar, father and husband and a dedicated teacher. He began life as a Boston Irishman -- which is what he was when I first met him in 1973. Today, Bill's "Mid-Atlantic" accent predominates. He's long since stopped pahking his cah in Hahvahd Yard. But, as a birthright American, my friend Bill also had no right to expect a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. So it's actually no surprise his name was omitted from the Honors List. The same excuse isn't available in the case of Christopher Hitchens. A native-born Englishman, Hitchens deserved a gong last week and he didn't get it. Shame on the House of Windsor (and the Conservative-Lib Dem British government). Although now a U.S. citizen, Christopher...(Read Full Article)