The Public Sphere and Tea Party Philosophy

Scorn directed at Tea Party groups for their interest in our Founders is out of step with respected philosophy and science.  American grassroots organizations are headed in the right direction for the right reasons using the right methods.  The Elites are out of step! Philosophers invent concepts for explaining things hard to understand.  Here is what the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says about a person that helps me.  "Jürgen Habermas currently ranks as one of the most influential philosophers in the world." [1]  This is not overstated!  Habermas is a second-generation thinker from the Frankfurt School.  The first generation was no friend to America.  Neither is Habermas, but his perspective is helpful.  His thoughts about democratic societal evolution are useful warnings.  They show what to avoid.  His theory of what he calls the "Public Sphere" is the most help.  Here is an introduction. First, my personal...(Read Full Article)