What Mexican Texas Teaches Us about Unbridled Immigration

The history of Texas is unique among western states.  First claimed by France, it quickly became part of the Spanish colonies in America, so Mexico included Texas in its successful bid for independence.  Shortly after, Texas seceded from Mexico and asked to be annexed by the United States.  During the Civil War, Texas was one of the states that seceded under the Confederate flag.  All these led to the expression "Six Flags over Texas."The post-Columbian history of Texas, and particularly the period between Mexican Texas and its annexation by the United States, is full of lessons for any student of political science.  It is also a window into what may happen in the United States if unbridled illegal immigration is allowed to continue.Newly independent Mexico, wisely knowing that it could not properly defend its new borders in the northwest, made the decision to liberalize its immigration policies, thereby successfully encouraging many new immigrants...(Read Full Article)