Egypt is an Opportunity

The lid has finally blown off the pressure cooker in Cairo.  And as the Director of National Intelligence is apparently just now starting to notice, there are a few more pressure cookers on the stove that are beginning to make odd noises.Alas, in the real world there is no rewind button.  So while it's tempting to dwell on how ineptly the President and his team have coped with the unfolding revolution in Egypt -- and God knows it's fun, given the breathtaking combination of arrogance and stupidity this administration has displayed -- our nation's security requires that we focus on the future.  More precisely:Where are we now, in Egypt and more broadly in the Mideast?What is likely to happen next, and then down the road, in this volatile and vital region?What do we want to happen?How can we tip the odds in our favor?Where We Are NowManaging a revolution is like leaping across a chasm; it's best to reach the other side in one hop.  When the old regime falls and is...(Read Full Article)