Three Gifts from the Tea Parties

America's middle class did the hard work and (finally) flexed its political muscle in last year's elections.  But the grueling truth for the Tea Parties is that the real drudgery lies ahead.The Tea Parties have given America three precious gifts.  They haven't done a perfect job with any of their three political benefactions. But a blueprint for continuing political success has been drawn up and, at least during the first round of elections, has been semi-successfully implemented.  I focus here on the positive nature of these gifts and offer some advice for how the Tea Parties can, and must, build upon their achievements to be even more effective in the future.1) Continuing constitutional educationThe most important thing that the Tea Parties have done is to revive an appreciation for and an understanding of our precious Constitution.  This task is barely in its infancy.  Ignorance of the meaning of the most important political document ever written is still...(Read Full Article)