The Race Game and Obama's Campaign for 2012

In a word, race promises to play at least as large a role in the next election as it played in the last presidential race.  Rest assured: it is on this that Barack Obama and his cronies are counting. For decades now, whites and non-whites have been engaged in a kind of racial game with one another.  Like any other game, when played long enough, it becomes a ritual of a sort.  But when it becomes ritualistic, there is an imminent danger that it will be forgotten as play and be treated with a deadly seriousness.  This is what has happened in this case. The players in this game are racial groups, and each is assigned a role.  The white race is the Villain, the agent of Evil that is always on the hunt for other races to "exploit."  Non-white races, in contrast, are embodiments of Virtue that long for nothing more than liberation from the tiresome history of the "white racist oppression" that they've suffered.  It isn't that there...(Read Full Article)