Roll Back the Hippie Damage

We have seen the hippie damage, and we hate it.  Conservative America has been witness to the cultural damage and decay perpetrated on it by the left since the 1960s.  We have stood back with jaw agape at the horrifying images of the American family disintegrating and drug use soaring, while the liberals nod approvingly and call it "progress."  This is astonishing. Without further investigation into their motives, you would think that they are simply trying to destroy our culture simply because they are hateful.  It makes one wonder.  Who in his right mind would consider rising drug use and overdoses "progress"?  Who in his right mind would consider an epidemic of broken homes "progress"?  What woman in her right mind would consider the over-sexualization of females a good thing? Like all of the leftist movements of the past, the American left are trying to force unnatural things on people with the idea that they are...(Read Full Article)