Turncoat Organizations Abandoning the Base

A number of well-established, single-focus national organizations with large constituencies made headlines recently after taking positions that compromised their founding principles. In effect, they abandoned their missions and original bases of support for political and/or financial gains. The resulting censure and shifting of allegiances by disillusioned members birthed new organizations to fill the void, because it's apparent that these otherwise venerable groups now believe that their own self-interest trumps that of their members. VFW PACA case in point occurred this month, when many military veterans were shocked to see the Veterans of Foreign Wars Political Action Committee (VFW PAC) endorse incumbents who were not generally supportive of the military instead of pro-military challengers, several of whom had actually served in the armed forces. Particularly galling to VFW members was that the VFW PAC exists solely to collect and spend money supporting candidates who best...(Read Full Article)