The Unholy U.S./Muslim Alliance

Avi Lipkin, a Jew, in his book, Israel's Bible Bloc, explained how he came to embrace Christians as Israel's best friend. In 1991, as the IDF spokesperson, Lipkin was invited to speak to the Dallas Council on World Affairs. They were part of the famous or infamous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He writes, These are the people who control the economy of the US and the World. These are faceless people who decide who the President of the United States will be as well as leaders of other countries. They control the banks corporations and oil companies that control the world.The CFR includes among its members the power elites in both the Democrat and Republican parties, including also most presidential nominees. They support world government and globalization. They are building a modern-day Tower of Babel which denies American sovereignty and the supremacy of God from which our inalienable rights come in favor of a secular socialist utopia. President Obama is a member of CFR.Lipkin...(Read Full Article)