The Original Enviro-Nazis

Mixing Green With Red Makes Brown (Shirts)In light of the recent environmental controversy over splattergate, where the green propaganda ad in the United Kingdom explosively became gory red in the classroom, it is time to be reminded that the Nazis started out green but became bloody red. This political reality came much to the dismay of many German conservationists as they slowly found out the real intent of Adolf Hitler.*Naïve German greens had no idea that many of the Führer's savage premeditations about continental hegemony were conjured up at his mountain retreat in the wild Bavarian Alps. The greens just assumed that he was enjoying the alpine serenity of the region away from the hubbub of Berlin. Neither did they apprehend that the sweeping Nazi environmental laws of 1933-35 were an implicit anti-Semitic precursor for the racially charged Nuremberg laws. Together, these laws specifically targeted Jewish internationalism, whether coming from the capitalist West or the...(Read Full Article)