Norway and the Jews

With the Jewish world focused on the looming nuclear threat from Iran, 60,000 Hezb'allah rockets menacing from southern Lebanon, and the dramatic shift of Turkey from an ally to an increasingly Islamist foe, one might think that Norway's attitudes toward the Jewish State and Judaic values might not be worthy of a second glance. After all, the entire organized Jewish population in Norway -- about seven hundred people -- could easily fit in Oslo's largest hotel. In fact, Norway's international involvement in the NGO world, academia, and Christian churches often means that what is uttered there can impact all Jews.So we are grateful that one leader, United States Senator Sam Brownback, who heads up the U.S. Congressional Caucus on Norway, was concerned enough about these trends and developments to launch a protest about the anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli hatemongering to Norway's Ambassador to the United States, Wegger Stromen. Brownback wrote that he was "contacted by human rights...(Read Full Article)