End the Military Voting Scandal

American citizens are privileged to participate in governing their nation by means of their vote. For a number of reasons, normally fewer than 50% vote in any given election. More and more instances of voter fraud have been uncovered in recent elections. Absentee ballots are available for those unable to vote in person on the designated day of election. Those in the military away from home are supposed to receive their ballots with ample time to complete them and send them home for processing. However, the military vote has been discarded or invalidated all too often in recent elections, thus disenfranchising those who protect this country and its way of life. This may be an opportunity to reengineer the election process using this abused subset of voters to prove the merits of a better scheme of voting.Voter fraud exists and is more prevalent than most Americans understand. Fraud can occur at any phase of the election process, each contributing to an invalid result. ACORN's voter...(Read Full Article)