My Silent Business Partner

I've been in business now for six years. For all six of those years, I've had a silent business partner. My partner's contribution to the enterprise has been sipping sweet cream during those years while I labored and toiled to try to make a go of things. It seems that the only noise he makes is when I don't send his cut on time.I struggle each month to find new ways to drum up business and sales; he merely changes the rules of the game on me. I desperately find new ways to cut my overhead costs, while he weighs me down with more regulatory requirements. I seek new opportunities to make more money, all the while wondering why I do this when I know that my partner is going to be guaranteed a bigger cut each time. He makes more for doing nothing, yet I make less for doing everything! Who's the schmuck in this equation?My partner, whom I'll refer to as Sam, has no skin in the game for this or any business. I have invested all of the capital and taken all of the risk...but he continues to...(Read Full Article)