Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Gay Conservatives in 2010

As the nation gears up for another election cycle, some gay conservatives are wondering about their role in the body politic. These conservatives often live in a closet within a closet. They have to take the risk of coming out not only socially, but also politically. Unwilling to be rejected twice, many just stay in the background. Gay conservatives are also a rare species for political watchers. Pam Chamberlain thinks gay conservatives are the "unwanted allies on the Right." Yet many gay conservatives vote Republican, own businesses, want lower taxes and a strong national defense. Events that happened in the 1950s still reverberate in the lives of gay conservatives. It was in 1958 that the word "homosexual" was first used in an English translation of the Bible. Also, in the '50s, the first gay liberation group in the United States, the Mattachine Society, was formed. When Harry Hay, along with a group of Los Angeles friends, decided to form the Mattachine Society...(Read Full Article)