Voter Backlash Beyond ObamaCare

Voter anger is building on issues beyond ObamaCare. The large group of people already angry over runaway spending and ObamaCare are now being joined by those angry at the EPA for moving forward with controls on greenhouse gases without congressional action -- and without considering the economic impact on the economy. Like the Tea Party movement, this group cuts across geographical and political lines. A bipartisan mix of eighteen governors signed a letter to congressional leaders last week. This move is supported by Washington Democrats such as Senator Jay Rockefeller and the Democrat congressmen from the eastern coal mining region. Rockefeller is calling for a two-year suspension of EPA greenhouse gas regulations. The co-sponsors in the House include Nick Rahall and Alan B. Mollohan, also of West Virginia, and Rick Boucher of Virginia. Several Republican congressmen and senators are in favor of similar legislation....(Read Full Article)