The Looting of America

Now that we've crossed the bridge to utopia by simultaneously shredding the Constitution and establishing the health-care state, it's worth looking back and seeing March 21, 2010 in the context of recent history. If "fundamentally changing" America means its final destruction, then it seems to have happened in three discrete phases that began long before Obama.Why and how it happened is much less important than what each of us is willing to do to correct it.Phase 1: Manufacturing 1990-2000Well before the Clinton era, in 1991, I remember an acquaintance telling me that California would no longer be a manufacturing power, that its future was as an import-export center. I laughed it off at the time, but within five years, I was startled by this acquaintance's prophecy. Locally, entire business parks became ghost towns. Machine shops, PC board fabrication, painting companies, and a host of other small enterprises that supported larger manufacturing operations vanished from the...(Read Full Article)