Obama Is Bungling Russia

The tsunami of political devastation known as Barack Obama continues to wreak havoc abroad, both for American interests specifically and the cause of freedom and democracy generally (the two are often, happily, one and the same).The disastrous consequences are most clearly visible in the case of Vladimir Putin's Russia.First Obama visited Russia and displayed craven weakness before his KGB counterparts in the Kremlin. He barely even paid lip service to American values, crushing the spirits of Russia's democracy movement leaders, and his unilateral reversal of the Bush missile defense plan for Eastern Europe led only to more posturing and aggression by Russia against its neighbors and demands for more concessions from Obama.And now, things have gotten even worse.Obama has given the cold shoulder to Nicholas Sarkozy of France, apparently believing him to be part of the conservative rabble who are beneath his dignity to treat seriously. Panicked and offended at his loss of influence with...(Read Full Article)