Abusegate and Children

President Obama's 2011 federal budget, a nearly $4-trillion monstrosity, includes an increase of $117 million for domestic violence programs -- a 22-percent increase. It is time to shine the light of truth on so-called "domestic violence" issues. Instead of  "spousal abuse," the broader term "domestic violence" provides cover for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to spawn widespread distortion of data that is used for political ammunition to hold taxpayers hostage to the VAWA Mafia -- all those bureaucrats and social workers whose existence depends upon convincing the public that husbands are dangerous to their wives and children. In fact, the mothers' boyfriends are most often the perpetrators of abuse deaths, and mothers are more often responsible for the neglect fatalities.In fact, many of the experts in the area of abuse against women and children report that VAWA advocates have been pushing a slated message for more than two decades, an...(Read Full Article)