Did Obama's SOTU Pass the Women's Intuition Test?

One Fortune 500 CEO commented that he always brings his wife to dinner with potential top executives because he trusts his wife's intuition as a reliable barometer of a candidate's character and trustworthiness -- important characteristics that aren't measured by other aspects of the job interview process. With the president's State of the Union address (SOTU), it didn't take women's intuition to see through the rhetoric and understand the tone and defensiveness of the speech. The president promised the moon, but he said nothing for which he could be held accountable. He did a brilliant job of giving the impression that he was addressing issues, but in case after case, one could only wonder about the particulars. Most women listen carefully when a man dishes out flowery promises. Most have learned from bitter experience not to fall for vague promises. Instead, they look for the particulars, and most importantly, they look at a man's actions.The president's rhetoric, as usual, was...(Read Full Article)