Conservatism Rising

In the wake of Scott Brown's historic Senate run, we would like to put the last eighteen months of politics into perspective and summarize what the Massachusetts race means for the future of conservatism. Despite what may be written in the Liberal press, this race represents much more than just a case of a "good" candidate versus a "bad" candidate, and it is far more profound than a case of "populism and anti-establishment tensions run amok." What this race means for the country is simple, and its results can be summarized as a clear refutation of the liberal agenda in favor of the conservative position.If the above thesis is correct, then we must answer the following question: "If the liberal agenda is being so clearly refuted in favor of the conservative position, then why did Democrats win so handily in the 2006 and 2008 elections?" We think the answer is clear. In 2006 and 2008, the Democrats didn't win by running a liberal agenda against a...(Read Full Article)