Who Wants War with Iran?

When the West first learned of Iran's nuclear intentions in 2002, Iran knew it would be bombed.  Like Iraq before it in 1982, Israel will take action if nobody else does.  How Iran milked seven years defies logic.What the West may not understand is Iran wants war, also.  They know the Islamic Revolution will not last forever.  In light of increased sanctions, covert funding for opposition forces, and the lure of Western life, their days are numbered.  Even the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini is said to drive a BMW and be quite the lady's man.  But they will not hand over the keys to the mosque willingly.  Take away Iran, and the world - or at least the Mideast - is a different place.  It is the nexus of most terror in the Mideast.  Hamas and Hezbollah lose their direct funding and inspiration.  Iraq can thrive without fear of another crippling war.  Even Al Queda needs Iran for synergistic effect.  Israel can live in...(Read Full Article)