The Political Establishment v. Ken Cuccinelli

Predictably, The Washington Post, the Washington establishment's newspaper of record, endorsed the Democratic candidate for Virginia Attorney General in the upcoming November 3rd election. Despite previously praising Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate, for his principled independence even from his own party, The Post worries that Ken Cuccinelli "would treat the job of attorney general as an ideological crusade."WaPo wouldn't object, however, if the AG candidate were a liberal crusader. You see, it has been Democratic attorneys general who redefined, and many say, abused, their positions as chief legal officers of their respective states for ideological -- indeed highly partisan -- purposes. WaPo has always seemed to like, if not outright support, liberal AG crusaders.The term for what Democratic attorneys general have done in the name of liberal causes is called "Spitzerism." That comes from the title of Noam Scheiber's October 2, 2005 New York Times analysis...(Read Full Article)