John Kerry to the Rescue

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's new chairman is John Kerry. He replaced Joe Biden when the latter was installed as Vice President. Kerry was in Afghanistan when the administration impressed him into service to read the riot act to that country's embattled President, Hamid Karzai. It seems that Karzai was not too keen on submitting to a runoff election, even when it appeared that a huge percentage of his votes in the recent contest were fraudulently cast. Afghanistan's hurry-up runoff is now slated for November 8th. One wonders what persuasions an administration that has very theatrically renounced "torture" must have applied to the wily Afghan leader. Did they, perhaps, tell Karzai he would have to endure a filibuster by Sen. Kerry if he did not submit?Kerry's presence on-scene to make this little bit of history is most curious. Don't we already have Richard Holbrooke as our Afghanistan jack-of-all-trades? Holbrooke is famous for not wanting anyone else to step on...(Read Full Article)