The Misrepresentation of J Street

There has been a surge of liberal to leftist organizations who claim to be pro-Israel, but who actually boast agendas that undercut the legitimacy of the Jewish State.  The most well-known of these is J Street,  because of its visibility in the press, which has vastly overstated its significance as a gauge of Jewish opinion.  J Street claims to advocate equally for both the Arab and Israeli positions.  But in reality, it espouses an aesthetic that belittles genuine expressions of Jewish political self-determination while legitimizing the revisionist and unhistorical Arab narrative.  Moreover, J Street is not above deception, as for example when it was exposed for misrepresenting poll data in claiming that the majority of Israelis favor negotiations with Hamas, when in fact objective polls showed precisely the opposite.  Its motives are suspect and critics believe that its claim to represent a legitimate pro-Israel point of view is showmanship worthy of...(Read Full Article)