Obama criticizes NY Times coverage of his Israeli-Palestinian agenda

Something strange is going on between the President of the United States and the newspaper that sets the agenda for the liberal media. On June 5, President Obama, at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Merkel in Dresden, said the following:"You know, a lot of attention has been given to my statement that the Israelis need to stop settlement construction."What's been interesting is that less attention has been focused on the insistence on my part that the Palestinian and the Arab states have to take very concrete actions. "When it comes to the Palestinians, we know what they're supposed to be doing.  They have to continue to make progress on security in the West Bank."They have to deal with incitement issues.  There's still a tendency, even within -- among Palestinians who say they are interested in peace with Israel, to engage in statements that are -- that incite a hatred of Israel or are not constructive to the peace process.  Now I...(Read Full Article)